X. Recruitment strategy

Job recruitment methods

For a company to grow, it will need competent and motivated workers. There are a lot of ways to recruit new employees, and below is a brief overview of each and their characteristic.


1) Recruitment through the job placement center.

It is the most common recruitment process and is used by most companies. There are absolutely no fees for recruiting or hiring individuals through this institution. Being located in every region of the country allows them to receive a lot of job offers. The job offers are shared in all the job centers throughout the country, and also online. The support desk officer helps you with the redaction of the offer based on the trend among applicants.


2) Recruitment through employment agency

This method is most effective if you are looking to recruit specialized workers. A performance fee is paid if you decide to hire the workers that have been introduced to you, and it usually equate 30% of the recruit’s annual income. Aside from bringing you applicants with the exact skills your company needs, the employment agent will also paint a favorable image of your company to them.


3) Recruiting through career-change website

The biggest merit is that it gives you lots of exposure and your job offers can be viewed by a large number of job seekers. That and the fact that compared to the other methods, the website provides you with plenty of space to make your company look attractive. The fees vary depending on the site and the services, but if it is managed by major employment agency, it will cost a minimum of \200,000.


4) Posting job offers on your homepage

If you add a recruitment section to your homepage, you can post job offers there without any extra cost. However, visitor numbers tend to be small for newly found companies, so it is not very practical for urgent positions. If you do not mind taking your time for a large recruitment, this option will be effective.


5) Recruitment through business partners/ acquaintance

When a potential employee is introduced to you by your business partners or acquaintance of yours, you can hear about their experiences, skills and characters prior to them. However if, upon interviewing them, you decide not to hire them, it can become uncomfortable for the third party, so you have to be considerate of that.