Useful Information

There is a grant about patent applications to a foreign country.

The part of the expenses which affect costs patents and applications of a utility model, design and a trademark, etc. take to the foreign country is helped as a part of overseas development support of small and medium enterprises at Tokyo and a (official, goods) Tokyo-to promotion public corporation of small and medium enterprises.

An explanatory meeting of a help project in fiscal year 2017 is held to March 17-April 10 (It’s held total of 3 times by 2 points, Akihabara meeting place and Tama meeting place.)
The seminar which is explained about the procedure when applying to a foreign country, is held before an explanatory meeting.

◇ Help business of the explanation target:
* Foreign patent application cost help business
* Foreign utility model application cost help business
* Foreign design application cost help business
* Foreign trademark application cost help business
* Foreign invasion investigation cost help business
* Patent investigation cost help business

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